How to Apply

Madison County Housing Authority

In order to apply for any of the MCHA Housing Programs, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements , and score well on our Applicant Preference List.

Eligibility Requirements

Income Eligibility

Before being placed on a waiting list for any federally assisted housing assistance program administered by Madison County Housing Authority (MCHA),  all applicants must be determined ” income eligible “.

Income limits are based upon total annual household income (all members) and are established by HUD annually. The current income limits are listed in the table below:

Persons in Household Exteremely Low Income Very Low Income Low Income
1 $14,550 $24,250 $38,750
2 $16,600 $27,700 $44,300
3 $18,700 $31,150 $49,850
4 $20,750 $34,600 $55,350
5 $22,450 $37,400 $59,800
6 $24,100 $40,150 $64,250
7 $25,750 $42,950 $68,650
8 $27,400 $45,700 $73,100

Families with household incomes at or below the ” Very Low Income ” range are eligible to be placed on the waiting lists for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Public Housing Programs.

Families with household incomes at or below the ” Low Income ” range are eligible to be placed on the waiting lists for the Public Housing Programs.

Other Eligbility Requirements

The MCHA also requires its applicants to have:

    •   NO outstanding criminal warrants
    •   NO history of drug use/abuse
    •   NO history of alcohol abuse
    •   NO outstanding balance on another housing authority, landlord, or utility company
    •   NO eviction records from other housing authorities
    •   NO household members on the sex offenders list

On project based programs , all prospective residents are evaluated from a desirability perspective . The standards are very similar to those used by a private owner to screen prospective tenants, including, but not limited to those previously mentioned.

Applicants being considered for apartments managed by MCHA are required to be able to get tenant-paid utility services activated in the name of the head of household (spouse or co-head) upon move-in.



Application Process

Because of the large volume applications for our housing programs, all applicants will have to submit an application to be included in our waiting list .

When a housing unit becomes available, the MCHA will pick an applicant based on the total points in the Applicant Preference List.  If there is a tie in the number of points, MCHA will award the unit on a first come first serve basis.

To apply for our waiting list, please PRINT AND FILL IN   the application form for the properties that you wish to apply for.

All applications are in PDF format.  Click Application Download below.

Click here to download the current version of Adobe PDF Reader.

Properties for All Applicants

Property Type Property Name
Public Housing Alton Pointe Apts
Public Housing Woodland Park Apts

For Older Adults and Persons with Disabilites

Property Type Property Name
Public Housing Braner Building
Project Based Voucher Collinsville Commons
Public Housing Olin Building
Project Based Section 8 May Building
Project Based Section 8 Stevens Building

Mixed Income Properties

Property Type  Property Name
Mixed Income Housing John Hamm III Apts
Mixed Income Housing Market Street Homes
Mixed Income Housing Meachum Crossing
Mixed Income Housing Tyrone Echols Apts

Drop Off or Mail

You may drop the completed application at our Central Office during normal business hours or email it to You may also mail the completed application to:

Madison County Housing Authority (MCHA) 
Application Department 
2 Eastport Plaza Drive 
Collinsville, IL 62234

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program has an exceptionally long waiting list averaging up to 3-5 years .  

Public Housing Programs may be accessed more quickly especially in outer county areas where the waiting lists tend to be shorter. 

All of our waiting lists for public housing are site-based waiting lists meaning that an applicant must apply for a specific development 

Generally, the waiting lists for older adults (at least 62 years of age) wishing to live in our senior developments are shorter and therefore may be accessed more quickly 

Madison County Housing Authority

Central Office

2 Eastport Plaza Drive
Collinsville, IL 62234

Phone: (618) 345-5142


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